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Course Catalog Summary

This is a preview of the Foundation Course Catalog. As we add new courses to our platform, we'll add them
here as well. To see course pricing, you'll need to click the link at the bottom of the page to create an account. Why is this necessary? When you create an 
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Building Material Sales/Product Knowledge
F2F thumbnail.jpg
Intro Module 1: Foundation to Finish


This is the kick-off session for the Introduction to Building Material Sales series. In this module, you will acquire product knowledge and see firsthand how the products you sell everyday are used on the jobsite.


This session will take you from the clearing of the site all the way through the finishing touches of a residential construction project.

lumber basics pic.jpeg
Intro Module 2: Lumber Basics


The second module in our Introduction to Building Material Sales series, Lumber Basics gives you a broad overview of lumber species and grades, treated lumber including chemical and end uses as well as the basics of lumber math.

This module will give you an understanding of how to meet your customer's needs when it comes to the products you sell.

enginerred wood pic.jpeg
Intro Module 3: Engineered Wood


Module 3 in the Introduction to Building Material Sales series covers engineered wood and composite products. We discuss the different types of composites on the market, their end uses, and why engineered wood is used in various projects.

deck construction pic.jpeg
Intro Module 4: Deck Construction


This module is part 4 in the Introduction to Building Material Sales series. We'll take a look at how a basic deck is built and will review all the materials needed to complete the project.

This course will provide an understanding of the proper products to use as recommended by the American Wood Protection Association.

project selling pic.jpeg
Intro Module 5: Project Selling Basics


Project Selling Basics is the fifth module in the Introduction to Building Material Sales series. This course focuses on serving the needs of our homeowner customers by helping them go home with everything they need to complete a project while increasing your company's sales and profitability.

profit loss pic.jpeg
Intro Module 6: Profit & Loss 101


In this final module of the Introduction to Building Material Sales series, we cover the difference between mark-up and margin as well as learn about the importance of reducing loss while preserving your company's profit margin.

Introduction to Building Material Sales BUNDLE


Take advantage of a discounted package price when you Bundle all six (6) modules together.

Estimating Training
estimating pic.jpg
Basic Estimating


Need employee training on how to read a blueprint or do a basic take-off? You now have access to an 8-module series that includes video featuring actual prints and scale usage, assignments to reinforce concepts as well as a comprehensive quiz and certificate of completion. 

This training is led by Casey Voorhees of the Western Building Material Association. Casey has taught this nationwide and has helped thousands of students learn the basics of how to read a blueprint and complete a basic residential construction take-off.

Forklift Operator Training
forklift thumbnail.png
Forklift Operator Training


Need training on how to operate a forklift? This 4-module series will teach you about different types of lifts and their operating principles, the operator's responsibilities, including pre-shift inspections as required by OSHA, how to safely operate a forklift, and how to properly handle building materials with a forklift. 

This course will meet OSHA's requirements for the classroom portion of training required.

Click here to download a copy of the Forklift Operator Training General Requirements

Click here to download a copy of a Forklift Operating Skills Form

Customer Service
first impression.png
Customer Service:

Nailing the Crucial First Impression 


In this session, we reinforce the importance of making a solid first impression with the customer. Whether in person, over the phone or now even online, how a customer views you or your company can usually be determined in the first 7 seconds of the interaction. You’ll learn tips for talking to customers, how to develop top-notch phone skills and how to make a great first impression when communicating electronically.

Your customer often had other choices when they walk into your business or reach out to you by phone. Making them feel welcome, appreciated and confident you will be able to serve their needs all comes down to those crucial first moments. Learning how to “wow” them right off the bat will ensure they not only become repeat business but will enhance your relationship making future transactions that much smoother.


customer complaints-2.png
Customer Complaints:

How to Turn a Transaction Around


Ever had to deal with an unsatisfied customer? If you’re in a retail business, customer complaints come with the territory. It’s how employees deal with these complaints that can make or break the relationship they have with your business.


In this brief video, we take a look at some techniques you can use to diffuse a negative situation and, best of all, strengthen your relationship with a disgruntled individual. While there will always be situations that arise as we interact with new and existing customers, it’s important to have the tools you need to deal with complaints in a professional and efficient manner. By doing so, you ensure return business while making it a win-win for both the customer and your business!

HR/ Workforce Development
dawn 4C's pic.jpeg
Onboarding Module 1:
The Four C's


So you've hired the right person, but now it's time to bring them onboard and acclimate them into your organization.

When it comes to onboarding, there are four C's that you need to remember. Listen as Dawn Stastny, managing partner of Stellaris Group, walks you through these cornerstone concepts that help create a robust onboarding program.

Stumbling Blocks pic.jpeg
Onboarding Module 2:
Stumbling Blocks


Successful onboarding requires a structured approach and open communication. When it's done right, it can be an amazing experience for your company and your new employee. When it's not done right, it can go horribly off the rails.  

This session will cover some common pitfalls encountered in this process and ways to avoid them in order to have a successful onboarding process.

timelines pic.jpeg
Onboarding Module 3:


The onboarding process doesn't have to be complicated. But, having an organized plan is crucial to setting new hires up for success in their new job with your company.

In this module, we'll take a look at some of the timeline tasks that will take you through pre-boarding activities as well as to-do's for the 30, 60, 90 day marks as well as the 6-month and one-year anniversaries.

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