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Everyone loves a good customer rewards program, don't they?  Whether it's frequent flyer miles or hotel rewards, it's fun to watch our credits accumulate.

At Foundation, our version of this is called Foundation Bucks. The math is simple. Buy 10 courses, and get a credit for your 11th one!  The value of that 11th class is simply an average of the course costs of the first 10.

Here's an example:

Course 1:    $49
Course 2:   $179
Course 3:   $19
Course 4:   $179
Course 5:   $49
Course 6:   $29
Course 7:   $179
Course 8:   $179
Course 9:   $49
Course 10: $179

So, you'd have a $109 credit to use for the the 11th course that is purchased by one of your employees! (and yes, if that course is less, your credit would still carry over!)
We'll be tracking your Foundation Bucks for you and will automatically apply it to your next course purchase!

So, how can my company begin earning Foundation Bucks? It's easy!

1.  Sign up for a company portal so that you qualify for the invoicing option.
     To learn more about Company Portals, click HERE.

2. Once your portal is confirmed, you will be assigned a unique company code and
     we will officially get your Foundation Bucks program started!

3. The Foundation team will track the courses your employees take and keep you 
     informed as your credits become available.

If you have any questions or are ready to start collecting those Foundation Bucks,
call Stephanie Masters at (360) 943-3054 or send an email to


Average Course
Cost = $109

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