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Future Course Offerings

Here's a sneak peek at some of the courses we'll be adding to our catalog:


Vehicle pre-trip inspections

Ladders: Inspections/Applications

Powered industrual trucks (Forklifts)

Postings and posters

Electrical (wiring, housekeeping, panels)

Hazard communication (SDS/Placards)

Machine guarding/maintenance


PPE:  Uses and guidelines
Trip and fall hazards


Listening skills

Time management

Resolving conflict
Dealing with difficult people

How to hire the right way

Best practices in recordkeeping

How to do a performance appraisal
Work-life balance
Dealing with difficult customers


Proper material storage

Stock rotation

Location systems

Efficiency of layout

Types of racking systems

Cycle counts

Full shut down inventory

Technology to facilitate counting

Just in time concept

Metrics and allowances


Basic business accounting terminology

Understanding balance sheets

Income statements (P&L)

Cash flow/conversion cycle

Fraud prevention (3-part series)


Ten soft skills you need

Effective closing techniques

Negotiation skills

Body language basics

Overcoming sales objections

Prospect and lead generation

Proposal writing

Sales fundamentals



5 Tips for avoiding spam

Internet market fundamentals

Using social media to market your business
Branding techniques
Design concepts for effective marketing


Have a topic/course idea you'd like to suggest? Use the Contact Center at the bottom of this page to shoot us a message. We'd love your input!

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