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Getting Started

Ready to browse through the courses we have available? Follow these easy steps to create an account
and you'll be on your way:


Click on "Browse Catalog" link on home page.


Create an account – including:

  • First / Last name

  • Email Address

  • Create your password

  • Company name

  • Job title

  • Address/Phone number

  • Enter your Company Code (if applicable)


  • Enter your Organization Code (if applicable)


If your company has provided you with a company code (ex: ABCLumber1972), enter it in this field. If your company does not have a code, you may skip this field. 

If your company is also a member of an association that qualifies for discounted rates on classes, enter the association's code here. If you do not know your code, please contact the association directly to receive it. If you are NOT affiliated with any associations, enter NONE in this field. 


Your dashboard will open. Click on the "Catalog" tab to browse available courses. 


Select the course(s) and "Add to Cart". After checking out, select the course you'd like to start with and follow the prompts for course completion!

Watch the demo below to help get you started! 
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