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Getting Started

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Because MSLBMDA is an affiliate partner on Foundation LMS, MSLBMDA member companies receive discounted rates on training designed specially for our industry.

Here is a quick guide to signing up for any of the courses:


1.  Each person will need to create their own account so that they can take tests and receive a certificate of completion. To create an account, simply click the red LOG IN HERE button at the top of this website -- but continue reading the rest of these instructions before doing so.


2.  Once you reach the log-in page, select CREATE ACCOUNT. This is where you provide some basic info. about yourself.  Note: You will see two boxes mentioning a COMPANY CODE and an ORGANIZATION CODE. The company code is only for those whose employers have purchased a company portal (allowing your company to be invoiced monthly instead of "pay as you go"). If your company has not given you a company code, you can skip this field.

Because your company is a member of MSLBMDA, the organization code allows you to receive the discounted MSLBMDA rate. When creating an account, it is important that you enter the organization code designated for MSLBMDA which is:  

3.  Once you have finished creating your account and are in the system, you will see your DASHBOARD where the courses you purchase will eventually be listed (but it will be empty to begin with since no courses have been purchased yet). To browse the available courses,  click on the CATALOG tab to review and see the prices for each.

4.  To select a course, click "add to cart" and either continue browsing or proceed to checkout. 

5.  Once a course has been purchased, it will move from the CATALOG to your DASHBOARD. You may then click which course you'd like to begin.

6.  When the elements of a course pop up in a long list, you must take them in order. You'll start by downloading/printing any handouts provided with the course.  (note: you may have to re-open your web browser between each download) followed by watching the video.

After you watch the entire video, you will take the quiz for that module. If you pass, you will move onto the certificate which you can then download. If you do not pass, you can retake the quiz as needed.


7.  If you pass the course, simply click on the certificate and you can download/print. If you need assistance with this, please let us know!


*note: the "0" is a zero
Watch the demo below to help get you started! 
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