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Meet Our Instructors

Meet the instructors for the courses we're currently offering or have in the works.
As new content is added, we will feature the new course instructors here.

Casey Voorhees

Executive Director at WBMA

Casey Voorhees is the Executive Director for the Western Building Material Association in Olympia, Washington.

Casey has been with WBMA for 32 years and is widely known as an industry expert on estimating and blueprint reading/take-off. He spends much of his time traveling the country teaching in-person classes on the subject. He also teaches the Introduction to Building Material sales class which is an excellent primer for the estimating courses.

Having grown up in the industry working for his father at the Eugene Planing Mill in Eugene, Oregon, Casey has hands-on knowledge of every aspect of the business. He brings that experience into the classroom as he helps students learns the ins and outs of both the construction and the retail side of the building materials industry.


Dawn Stastny

Managing Partner at Stellaris

Dawn Stastny is the Founder and Managing Partner of Stellaris Group. Dawn offers scalable collaboration, efficiency, and flexibility, backed by more than 30 years of expertise to support your organizational needs across various HR disciplines.

Dawn’s pragmatic leadership and passion extends far beyond the walls of Stellaris. As the president-elect for the Georgia PTA, she has the opportunity to impact the education community on a county, state, and national level. She also serves on the board for the Cherokee County Educational Foundation and the Cherokee Family Violence Center.


Katie Bodiford

Executive Director, National Women in Roofing

Katie Bodiford is the Executive Director of National Women in Roofing – an organization that focuses on empowering women in the roofing industry and helping facilitate recruitment of more females into the trade. One of the original founders of Foundation LMS, Katie has worked in the lumber industry for over 20 years primarily focusing on helping family-owned businesses in the areas of training, marketing and customer service. In addition to her current role at NWIR, she previously worked for the Construction Suppliers Association as well as the Southeastern Lumber Manufacturers Association.

Katie is passionate about customer service and develops short, concise content to assist business owners with training employees while making the most effective use of their time. She resides in Gadsden, Alabama.

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