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What is Foundation?

Watch a Sneak Peek of Basic Estimating Here!
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Foundation is an online learning management system (LMS) designed specifically for the building materials industry. On our platform, you will find an ever-growing catalog of courses you can take to improve your knowledge of different facets of the industry. You can also choose classes that can help you better develop your skills in certain areas. 

Here is a peek at some of the course topics featured on Foundation:


Introduction to Building Material Sales Series
Module 1:     Foundation to Finish
Module 2:    Lumber Basics
Module 3:    Deck Construction
Module 4:    Engineered Wood
Module 5:    Project Selling

Module 6:    Profit & Loss

Covers:  Product knowledge, lumber types/grades, lumber math, basics of building a deck, 
types of engineered wood/uses, how to sell a project complete, add-on and value selling,

mark-up vs. margin, understanding gross profit, and how to protect your profits



Estimating Training / Blueprint Take-Off

Basic Estimating 

CoversIn this 8-module series, you'll cover reading a plan,

how to use scales, key measurements, foundation & floor support,

floor framing, wall framing basics, exterior trim & siding, roof

framing & materials, insulation & drywall, and deck platforms & railing

Forklift Operator Training for the LBM Industry

Forklift Training

CoversIn this 4-module series, you'll cover different types of lifts

and their operating principles, the operator's responsibilities

(including pre-shift inspections as required by OSHA), how to safely

operate a forklift, and how to handle building materials.

This online course will meet OSHA's requirements for the

classroom portion of training required.

Customer Service

Nailing the Crucial First Impression:  In this session, we reinforce the importance of making a solid first impression with the customer. Whether in person, over the phone or now even online, how a customer views you or your company can usually be determined in the first 7 seconds of the interaction. You’ll learn tips for talking to customers, how to develop top-notch phone skills and how to make a great first impression when communicating electronically.

How to Turn a Transaction Around:  In this brief video, we take a look at some techniques you can use to diffuse a negative situation and, best of all, strengthen your relationship with a disgruntled individual. While there will always be situations that arise as we interact with new and existing customers, it’s important to have the tools you need to deal with complaints in a professional and efficient manner.

Onboarding Employees Series

Module 1:     The 4 C's of Onboarding

Module 2:    Stumbling Blocks

Module 3:    Timelines

CoversHiring and onboarding process, compliance, setting the tone for new hires, pitfalls to avoid,
suggested timelines for orienting new hires, and communication strategies for the hiring process

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